Friday, December 30, 2011

...switching it up

My mind is out to get me.
Really, I think my brain just likes to screw with me sometimes. Because instead of spending my winter break relaxing, catching up on some much needed sleep, and stuffing myself with food, my mind decided that I needed change. So, completely out of the blue, I decided that I wanted to move into the extra room upstairs and leave my huge bedroom with attached bathroom behind.
I was kind of confused at first, but then I realized it was my mind messing with me again, so I knew I had to go with it. You have no idea what my mind is capable of when you don't listen, believe me.
When I told my parents, they just stared at me for a while before agreeing to my wonderful idea. Because they're just that supportive. Or they've given up trying to understand my nonsense.
So now I'm sitting in my new room at my desk writing for you. And although I have been working almost non stop on this room since Monday, I have to admit: it's pretty fucking awesome in here. It's exactly what I (or what my mind convinced me of) wanted. I seriously can't stop smiling and just put down an extremely embarrassing happy dance in front of my window that the neighbors probably saw. But who cares?
Which is what got me to this post about switching things up. I really did need a change to get me out of the winter blues and switching rooms did just that.
Well played, brain, well played.
And this is where all of you come in. If you didn't notice, tomorrow is the last day of 2011 which means it's time for change. Now I'll admit, I'm not a huge fan of the new years resolution thing everyone gets so excited about. You're pretty much just promising yourself things that are never going to happen and then next year you realize you actually didn't, for example, lose fifty pounds. Thus, you fall into a deep depression, eat your pain away, gain another fifty pounds, decide to lose fifty pounds next year, and the cycle continues. Until you've gained so much weight that you need to be removed from your home by a crane.
I'm getting you into the spirit, aren't I?!
So, instead of setting unattainable goals, all I want you to do is switch something up a little bit. It can just be for the day, or for a week, or maybe you'll like the change so much that you'll keep it that way.
I thought ahead and did my switch up already so that I can enjoy it during the new year. God I'm good.
But since you're not all geniuses being controlled my a brain that has a mind of its own (warning: painfully horrible pun. Whoops to late!), you can do your switch up later.
I came up with some ideas for switching things up, just in case your brain has been fried by daytime television. Or prim-time television. Or any other time television 'cause honestly, everything on t.v. is crap. But that's a whole other story.
So if your stuck in a winter rut, here are some ideas to bring a little pep and excitement into your lives. And probably make you the talk of the town (Note: not necessarily in a good way).

  1. Dye your hair pink with blue tips and tell people you got a cotton candy machine implanted into your head.
  2. Become a hipster and only talk to your cat because, you know, talking to people is too mainstream.
  3. Wear a fat suit to your New Years Eve party, take it off after a week, and brag about all of the weight you lost.
  4. Let your dog answer the phone all day (or week if you really want to piss some people off). Apologize the next day for your strange behavior, saying you ate too much chocolate bark at the family Christmas party (what is it with me and the puns today?)
  5. Change your look, preferably based on a celebrity. I would follow in Lady Gaga's footsteps by simply covering myself in glue and rolling around in random objects. Explain to your friends that god spoke to you and wanted you to dress that way.

Hopefully these ideas will keep you guys busy for a while. If they're not exactly what you had in mind, you could always just switch rooms.
But that would be boring.
And now I'm off to buy some hair dye, a fat suit, raw meet, some sparkly shit, and a cat.
Not for any reason of course. Just, you know, just in case.

Thursday, December 29, 2011















To say I'm jealous would be a HUGE understatement. 
God, why does she have to be so fucking gorgeous while I'm sitting here all...not?
Please let me be her!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

...the little things

never get tired of doing little things for others. Sometimes those little things occupy the biggest parts of their hearts. -unknown
That shit's deep, bitches.
But seriously now, that guy or gal was on to something.
So, I'm in this 'I have to make the most of the life I get to live' phase and I'm kind of trying to find the good in everything and I'm also trying (keyword: trying) to be a little more pleasant than I have been the last, well, lets just say a while. Because lately I've been, I wouldn't say a bitch- You know what, who am I fooling, I've been a bitch.
But that's beside the point.
Now, like I said in my last post, when I write something, or upload some pictures, or share a playlist (which I'm working on and hoping to post by Friday), I want it to be somewhat inspirational. There are so many blogs out there and instead of just going on and on about my life that no one really cares about, I want to make a small difference in every one of your lives, whether it's getting you to do something, or just getting you to think.
I was in a pretty shitty mood yesterday so I hope no one took my post too seriously. It was actually meant to be a joke for the older kids reading this. I wanted to show that it's not too late to enjoy being young and I wanted you guys to realize that there's still time to swing on a swing set and play with Barbies- and solve the rest with beer : )
Well now I got completely off topic.
Where was I? Oh right, the little things.
Because of the strange phase I'm going through right now ( which is actually pretty awesome, so keep it up sub-conscience), I decided to write letters to everyone close to me just to tell them how much I love them.
Sappy, right? But in a good way.
It was actually really fun because all of those good memories that were hiding in the deepest pits of my brain came to life again. In my case, I thought about all of the funny things I did with everyone, which were so funny to think about again that I was literally laughing out loud. So I was pretty much sitting alone in my room, laughing to myself like a psychopath.
The greatest part about the whole things was that afterwards, I got tons of hugs from everyone and hugs are my favorite. I also got a cookie from my mom which was even better since I like cookies even more than hugs. 
Now that's what I call setting my priorities straight like a boss.
O.k., I'm just going to stop right here and let you get started on those letters.
Because I know you're so inspired by my idea that you're frantically searching the room for a pen and paper and completely ignoring these last few sentences. If you are still here, go get a piece of paper and a pen, get off your ass, and write a letter, god dammit!
Can't you feel the love?

-you're mentor and inspirational guide, Nina 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

...being young

I don't know about you, but I feel like I'm growing up way too fast.
You know how your parents used to say that you have plenty of time to be an adult later? Well, I'm 17 and later came a lot sooner than I expected.
A typical day in the life of me can be summed up in three words:
    -sleep ( and way too little of it)
    -school (ugh)
    -homework ( and way too much of it)
What the hell?!
I mean, when I was thirteen and naive, I wanted to be a grown up because it seemed so cool. Being a grown up meant being able to buy as many boxes of cocoa puffs as you wanted. Being a grown up meant driving a fire engine red convertible down the highway blasting The Backstreet Boys out the speakers. Being a grown up was exciting and mysterious, plus, the guys were way hotter than the immature thirteen year old boys in your grade who hadn't had a growth spurt yet.
And so we waited for the glory days to come. We waited and waited and kept waiting.
But then reality set in. 
I like to call it high school. 
Now, according to the thirteen year old me, I'm officially a grown up and I should be living the high life. But somehow, something must have gone wrong. Maybe I have a rare disease that causes me to be blind of the amazing things happening around me ( highly unlikely). Or maybe the entire world created a secret pact against me and their only goal is to leave me out of the fun (even less likely(although I've pissed off a good amount of people in my time)). I don't know what happened, but let me tell you, thirteen year old me: the shit I have to deal with on a daily basis in my grown-up life, that shit was not expected.
So I could go on for hours about how horrible my life is, but this post is actually supposed to be...wait for it...inspirational *glitter *glitter *sparkle *
Well, maybe not inspirational, but it has something. 
Here's to making the most of the childhood we have.(or had) 
Now, if you're 17, it's too late for you. One word for you: beer. Just drink away your pain like I do!
If you're living it up at thirteen: Good News! There's still hope for you! All you have to do is listen very closely. My advice might sound harsh, but it's coming from someone who figured out first hand that growing up isn't much fun. Listen to me and you'll have a wonderful time and won't end up a hopeless loser like myself. Read on!
To the little girls out there: quit dressing like a prostitute and texting your „boyfriend“. Stop bragging about your hot one night stand with bobby; you're not fooling anyone with that made up crap. Just, please, go outside and play on the swing set, watch a Disney princess movie, and draw with crayons like children are supposed to.
That was it! Not too bad, right?
God, I am such an inspirational piece of shit, aren't I. Watch out Oprah, there's a new bitch in town.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be studying for ten thousand tests that are coming up after winter break while I cry about my life and eat stale cheerios ( cocoa puffs are too fattening).